The Harbinger of Tranquility, Deus Venatus, descends… HAHAHA XD

The Harbinger of Tranquility, Deus Venatus, descends… HAHAHA XD

This post marks the emergence of Deus Venatus, the moniker by which this one responds to when online.  Aside from my internet handle, or username, the pen name that I have decided to go by if/when this one finally gets any of his works published, is Raiden Valterix, or Raiden V.;  the name this one received upon his birth however, would be Stephen Butler.  Hahaha, I won’t be putting any kinds of “about me” material on this post, other than my names, seeing as I already have enough in the “About Myself” bar to the right side of my home page.  But I will say this, I am an aspiring writer that’s mostly looking for some constructive criticism on my current work.  I do, however, have a rather large amount of things that are keeping me busy irl; so unfortunately, even tho I really want to just be writing and posting my progress, I’m severely limited on time… At least for the current moment… Once things settle down, then I’ll be able to write almost to my heart’s content… Haha, until then, for those that actually find this page, I’ll just be doing what i can, when I can… So for the foreseeable future, there will not be any kind of schedule regarding my works’ update deadlines.  Nor will there truly be a “Library” listing all my current pieces, at least until I can truly start writing… For now, this page is a precursor for what is to come in the, hopefully, near future…  Until then, I thank you for checking out my page, and ask for your patience as I get things squired away in my personal life.  May you all have safe voyages on your journeys, and enjoy calm seas and safe harbors…


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